Imagine Paradise

Imagine paradise. How does paradise look and feel to you? Imagine yourself on a flight to that destination. Are you arriving in a beautiful spot where you don’t have to worry about anything and life is carefree?

Do you have a luxury travel wish, but feel unsure of where to start planning? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the details and lack of time? Does your dream vacation feel out of reach because you don’t know how to make it possible?

I too used to be a person who would dream about travel, but was never able to make it happen until I did. After I arranged my first solo trip abroad, I realized I had found a critical component required to make my travel dreams come true. I stopped waiting for permission, waiting for others to join me, waiting for free time, and resources. After taking that very meaningful trip, I realized I cannot live my purposeful life without these inspiring travels.

Rites of Passage Travel is a personal concierge travel planning service specializing in crafting that perfect vacation for you. We offer you the gift of uncommon travel experiences to suit your unique tastes and desires. Do not allow another year to pass. Arrange today to honor your self with the gift of a well-planned, well-deserved vacation.

We are committed to providing you the opportunity to experience travel in a new and different way. We will create your customized travel dossier which will exceed your expectations and enhance your life.

Tell us your preferences and we will deliver a bespoke travel package perfectly suited to your interests, hobbies and travel aspirations.

Rites of Passage Travel is about real-world fun and adventure. We understand the hunger for travel that offers much more than the one size fits all approach. We design personalized soul inspired trips that encourage you to discover yourself anew set against the backdrop of an unfamiliar dream destination that speaks to you of a long walk home.

See the popular landmarks, but then go beyond. Let us introduce you to new neighborhoods, wondrously unique local retailers, food and drinks you will forever crave, hidden alleys, hillside walks and scenic beauty that you could not find on your own.

A luxurious Rites of Passage Travel vacation means not having to worry and agonize about the details: logistics, where to stay, transportation, and all other laborious concerns.

Our clients rely on Rites of Passage Travel to provide professional and personalized service. Rites of Passage Travel will design exactly what you're looking for and beyond.

We will inspire you to Experience the World Your Way. Luxury. Culture. Cuisine. Style.

If this sounds like you, if this is something you desire, contact Camille to schedule a consultation.

"All good trips are, like love, about being carried out of yourself and deposited in the midst of terror and wonder." – Pico Iyer